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Take the pain out of Data Holder Testing

Transform your Open Banking compliance with Wych’s innovative Data Holder testing.


Wych provides a complete all-in-one testing service enabling Data Holders to seamlessly perform rigorous testing across non-production, pre-production, and production environments.

Features of Wych's Data Holder testing


Wych combines a state-of-the-art technology platform, codified scenarios and extensive testing experience to offer a full-service solution. Clients can rapidly and easily execute test scenarios, ensuring thorough validation of their own Data Holder capabilities.


Wych enables clients to run test scenarios in any environment, whether it's their development setups or pre-release environments. 

Efficiency and Compliance

Testing is proactive so clients can pre-emptively identify and rectify issues. This proactive approach minimises the risk of encountering compliance violations and eliminates the need for reactive measures, such as addressing ACCC Jira tickets post-production.

Production Verification

Clients gain access to accredited production data, ensuring comprehensive testing coverage. By validating their Data Holder capabilities against live data, clients can ensure they meet regulatory requirements before going live.

Simplified Accreditation Process

Use our Accreditation. There's no need to be an accredited Data Recipient. Wych enables clients to use its own accreditation in the testing process, meaning they can simply press "go" and receive comprehensive testing results.

Take the pain out of Open Banking compliance!

Contact us for help with your Data Holder Testing requirements now.

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