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Open Banking integration made easy.

Wych is the invisible element that powers your customer experiences.

Use our APIs or no code solution so you can plug in or integrate easily.

Let us do the maintenance and compliance work while you focus on your core business.

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White-label solution

Your system, our infrastructure.

Offer your customers a personal financial management app leveraging open financial data. 

Our white label solution allows you to fully customise your

customer journey.

Wych APIs allow seamless integration
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Cashless Donations

Rethink donations in our cashless world. Using a custom QR code, and a white-label landing page, you can receive card or Apple and Google Pay donations and provide email receipts.

White label donation capability

Reliable Open Data

Let Wych free you from the pain of screen scraping. Complement your CDR data holder accreditation with our CDR data recipient accreditation and API. We maintain the integrations and you maximise the data.

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Smart Insights

Get much more out of Consumer Data Right (CDR) data with

AI-powered reports and analytics. You’ll gain knowledge about customers that will make

processes easier and help them reach their goals.

Wych white label data analytics
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Data Holder Service

Let Wych do the heavy lifting on achieving and maintaining compliance. Connect to the Australian CDR ecosystem using our white label Data Holder Service and significantly reduce operational costs. We provide consent management,  a full suite of APIs, identity and access management.


Data Holder Testing

Take the pain out of Open Banking compliance with our rigorous testing across non-production, pre-production, and production environments.

Ready to Take Your Business
to the Next Level?

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