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Helping you make
the most of your money.

Wych is the  most flexible, cost effective and reliable partner in accelerating your use of open financial data.

We believe in prosperity for everyone, not just the financially literate.

Wych was born from necessity. When SuperMum Áine, a technology leader and Dermot’s partner, was returning to work after mat leave, it was Dermot’s turn as primary carer.


The challenges of a single-income family were beginning to mount and Dermot realised he needed to do more with the household budget.

Faced with rising costs, and a few unknowns, Dermot created an App using AI and their bank data. From this, he could work out when a bill was due, predict how much it would be and set aside money to cover it. He started looking at how he could maximise every dollar he had. The family saw savings in places they didn't expect. They were able to find $1200 in savings in a year.


Our purpose is to help people everywhere manage their finances, even if they aren’t financially minded. Using Open Data, we provide secure access to financial data, so you can identify savings, and help your customers get ahead, or back on track.

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Our purpose is enabling everyone to make the most of their money.

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