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Discover compliance issues early in ANY environment

Transform your Open Banking compliance with Wych’s innovative Data Holder testing.


The Wych platform allows you to validate full end-to-end Data Holder compliance using an automated testing service in ANY environment, including internal non-production environments without needing external access. 


You can even integrate our offline service directly into your automated testing process.

Three ways to achieve compliance.


Production Verification

No need to set up a CDR representative agreement. Use ours and rest assured your compliance is being validated in real-time. 

Never be caught out again.


Pre-release Verification

Connect the Wych Data Holder service directly into your pre-release environment. Use our hosted, fully compatible CDR register to validate full end-to-end compliance. 



Self hosted. Use our automated testing service to verify Data Holder compliance in ANY non-production environment. Dev machine, test server or automated pipelines - we've got you covered.

Features of Wych's Data Holder testing


Wych combines a state-of-the-art technology platform, with more than 260 codified scenarios covering over 500 test cases for an extensive testing experience.


Rapidly and easily execute the test scenarios, using your automated test suites. Thus ensuring thorough validation of your Data Holder capabilities.


Wych enables your teams to run test scenarios in any environment, whether it's their development setups or pre-release environments. If you don't want to host the solution you can utilize our cloud managed service.

Efficiency and Compliance

Testing is proactive so you can pre-emptively identify and rectify issues. This proactive approach minimises the risk of encountering compliance violations and eliminates the need for reactive measures, such as addressing ACCC Jira tickets post-production.

Production Verification

Gain access to accredited production data, ensuring comprehensive testing coverage. By validating your live Data Holder capabilities, you can ensure that you are always compliant.


Wych can show where your data quaility is in need of enhancement. Don't wait for an ACCC Jira ticket or ACCC letter. 

Simplified Accreditation Process

Use our Accreditation. There's no need to be an accredited Data Recipient. Wych enables you to use our accreditation in the testing process, meaning they can simply press "go" and receive comprehensive testing results.

Build Verification.

Build Verification

Plug a self-hosted Data Holder testing capability directly into your development pipelines. Run it on your developer machines. Use it in your automated test environment. Only Wych offers this level of flexibility to validate non-production environments. Unparalleled capabilities to ease your mind.

Product Reference Data.

Complete PRD validation, as a Data Holder Solution. We know what's required.

Performance Testing.

You can control the performance, this works with Gatling, JMeter or your performance tools.

Historic comparison.

Enable your testers to find the root cause with our delta testing option.

DHT pre-production verification_edited.j

Account Information.

Not just simple positive testing, we offer more than 1000 verifications.


Flexible re-use options or DCR and PAR per run, allows you to choose your testing approach.

.One off runs

No need to run the entire suite, enable quick single validators to validate patches or bug fixes.

Pre-production Verification.

Pre-production Verification

The earlier you find bugs the better and Wych pre-production verification comes with all the tools you need to verify your CDR compliance before you push the production release. Wych offers a fully compliant CDR Register, not a cheap clone but a fully functional service with certificate signing, DCR and PAR capabilities.

Product Reference Data

Is your PRD available and well formed?

Performance Testing

Apply the pressure and see how performant you are.

Real-time monitoring

Connect use into your Automated test suite.

DHT pre-production verification_edited.j

Account Information

Is your data correct, all mandatory fields met?


Can you handle client updates?

Historic comparison

Compare results across multiple runs.

Production Verification

Production Verification

Stay on top of your compliance, the regulators are closing watching. Using Wych you can stay on-top of your compliance with options for on-demand, scheduled and always-on monitoring. Whether you are in Banking, Energy company or a Non-Bank Lender.

Product Reference Data

Is your PRD available and well formed?

Performance Monitoring

Are you meeting your non-functional requirements?

Real-time monitoring

Get alerted when things go wrong.

Data Holder.png

Account Information

Is your data correct, all mandatory fields met?


Can you handle client updates?

Historic comparison

Compare results across multiple runs.

Take the pain out of Open Banking compliance!

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