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Survive, strive or thrive, you decide how far you want to go with CDR.

Wych supports you regardless of how you want to engage with CDR. 

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Do the bare minimum to ensure that you are compliant with the CDR legislation for your industry sector. There are two key things to do to achieve this:

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#1 Develop a publicly available CDR policy.

The CDR policy will be able to be bundled with a privacy policy. Why not download our template.

#2 You should have the following in place.

Ability to receive a data sharing request from an ADR. This may also include the ability to provide periodical refreshes of that data. 

Ability to authenticate that request as coming from a valid ADR. 

Ability to validate that the request came from you. For a survive posture it is assumed that you will not try to manage a variable timeframe for which the data should be shared. 

Ability to manage the consent so that a customer can remove the access and then that is notified to the ADR. 

Ability to securely transfer the data.

Ability to correct CDR data. This will normally be done via your standard data correction processes.

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Choose the white-labelled or powered by app

Select the right service depending on your CDR data accreditation, budget and the customisation level you need. And trust that security is our top priority.


White-labelled app

Use your CDR recipient accreditation and put Wych smarts to work in an app that’s fully branded as your own, or use our API platform and pull data into your existing app or service. The white-labelled app is ideal for larger financial institutions and advisors.

Powered by app

Suitable for smaller businesses and smaller budgets. Get the white-labelled capability along with the benefits of our CDR accreditation in an app that’s got your branding and ours on it.

Dedicated test environment

Explore the possibilities, test your ideas and input into the prioritisation of our product roadmap.


Wych is an Australian Government accredited CDR data recipient


Security is our top priority

Wych Apps have the highest security practices in place and we use continuous vulnerability and threat detection monitoring.

Enterprise-grade security and encryption

We have bank-grade security in place and encrypt data at rest and in transit using minimum 2048-bit encryption.

Secure data centre

Wych takes every precaution to maintain the security of your data. Our data centres are ISO27001:2013 and SOC2 compliant, and we follow industry best practice and standards such as PCI DSS, SOC2 and ASAE 3150.

Secure development

Wych Apps development follows industry best practice for minimising security risks, including OWASP guidelines.

Take advantage of our security processes

Partnering with us means you get the full benefit of our security processes. We protect the data and connections for you.


Let’s get you started

A new level of customer service, personalisation and automation is available now with Wych Apps. Let’s discuss the right one for your business. 


Sign up or contact us to get started. We look forward to hearing from you.

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