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Your free personal financial assistant that makes more possible

By bringing all of your financial information into one place, the Wych Money app helps you see how your financial life works and shows you where you’re spending money you don’t have to.

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It’s like GPS for your finances!

Wych Money is a financial assistant that helps you track your finances now and set goals, so more of your hard-earned money goes towards the things that matter to you. With Wych Money, you can:

Securely connect your accounts in one place

Track spending and savings

Set goals for clearing a credit card, buying a house, going to Bali – whatever you want

Reduce debt and unnecessary spending

Get payment reminders


Simply sign up for Wych Money, connect your accounts and see what it’s like to be #magicwithyourmoney

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Get to where you want to be

Here’s how Wych Money helps you reach your financial goals.

Much more than a budgeting app

Wych Money doesn’t do budgets or tell you where you’ve been going wrong (it’s too late to tell you to cut out your daily coffee when you’ve already drunk it!). Instead, it helps you look to the future.

See your financial life in one place

It’s easy and secure to connect your bank, credit card and energy accounts to Wych Money, then track balances, payments and progress. You’ve got an at-a-glance overview of your finances anytime.

What’s your wish?

Do you want to buy a home, pay down debt, save for an emergency or renovate? You choose your goal and Wych Money shows you how you’re tracking.

The AI-based platform keeps learning

The better that Wych Money knows you, the better it can help you find savings. It learns from your spending and will soon be able to predict annual costs like your warrant of fitness and vehicle registration fees so you can set the money aside.

Timely reminders

While Wych Money can’t make payments for you, it can remind you when they’re due so they don’t creep up unexpectedly.

Don’t waste money you don’t need to

By seeing all your expenses in one place, you can check for subscriptions, memberships and unnecessary spending you may have forgotten about. Cancel them for more money in your pocket now or to put towards your goals.

Compare options to get the best deal

In the future, you’ll be able to use Wych money to compare options like phone plans, insurance and more and then switch automatically. No more jumping between websites to do it yourself.


Your information’s security is Wych Money’s top priority

Wych Money uses bank-grade security to keep your data safe and you’re always in control of what data you share.

Bank-grade security and data encryption

We have the same security processes in place as banks and use minimum 2048-bit encryption to protect your data end-to-end from your bank or energy company into the Wych Money app.

Consumer Data Right (CDR) accreditation

Wych Money is accredited by Australia’s Consumer Data Right (CDR). We’ve completed the rigorous technical and security processes necessary to connect to CDR data and offer you Wych Money services.

You’re in control of what you let us access

Wych Money only has access to the information you allow. When you agree to share your financial data with us, we only connect to your account details, balances and transactions to offer a picture of your finances in one place.

You can stop sharing at any time

If you no longer want to share an account, we will stop collecting data from that account and will also delete any data we previously received. If you want to stop using Wych Money altogether, we will delete all data collected within 24 hours. See our CDR policy for full details.


Here’s how you get first access

Wych Money will be available soon. Sign up below and don’t miss a minute of this new way to take control of your finances.

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