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The digital way to connect your charitable organisation with donations

Wych Donate is here to help organisations consolidate all donation methods into one simple place. It’s easy, secure and means more money where it’s needed most.

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How Wych Donate works

Today people don’t carry coins or cash, but they do carry their phones. When you’ve got Wych Donate’s donation app technology and a QR code, people can scan, connect and give you money on the spot. Simple as that.


Display your Wych-generated QR code at fundraising events, on printed material, on your digital channels – wherever you have the opportunity to ask for money. Donors simply scan the code with their phone to begin the process.


Donors are connected to a secure Wych Donate page that you can customise with your branding. They see the details of your organisation and choose their donation amount.


Donors enter their contact email, then their credit/debit card details or use Google Pay or Apple Pay to complete their donation. They then receive an emailed receipt that they can use for tax purposes.

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More donations, more benefits, happier donors

If you’re a registered charity, religious organisation or fundraising group that’s under pressure to find donations, Wych Donate can definitely help.


A new, year-round model

Gone are the days of the annual donation bucket. With phones and cards replacing coins, and more people working at home due to Covid, the Wych donation app gives you a safe, easy way to ask for donations year round.

More money that you can put to good use

Using Wych Donate is cost effective which helps lower your overall running costs and you don’t need as many volunteers at fundraising events. So your donations go further.

Less admin

Because the process is automated from the moment a donor scans a QR code to the money arriving in your account, your team can focus on more important tasks.

A much better experience for donors

Wych Donate makes the whole donation process a breeze. Everyone now knows how to use QR codes, your donation page is streamlined to just a few fields, and donors receive receipts for every amount they give – something that couldn’t happen with street donations.

Security is our top priority

Wych Donate has bank-grade security in place and we encrypt data at rest and in transit to protect donors’ payments. We regularly carry out vulnerability and threat detection monitoring.

Wych Donate in action

The Salvation Army is using localised Wych Donate QR codes in different areas of New Zealand so that money raised will go directly to those communities.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“I so value and appreciate your expertise and assistance with all we are trying to achieve. Your wisdom, service and support has been invaluable.”


Wendy Lobb
The Salvation Army New Zealand


Let’s get you started

Wych Donate is ready to expand your donation opportunities. 


Contact us below for more information and to find out how we can tailor the process to your organisation’s needs. We look forward to hearing from you.

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