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Meet CDR Data Sharing Requirements

Wych Data Holder lets you easily share Consumer Data Right data so you can innovate in the Australian CDR environment.


Our turnkey compliance solution means you can focus on building new products, delivering better experiences for customers and strengthening customer loyalty, while we take care of the maintenance of over 110 different integrations and manage your compliance.

Features of Data Holder as a Service


Connect to the Australian CDR ecosystem using our white label Data Holder Service and significantly reduce operational costs. We provide consent management,  a full suite of APIs, identity and access management.

Comprehensive financial data

A single view of customer financial details to enable faster onboarding, better financial management tools, personalised lending options, and more.  Data includes account details, balances, current and historical transactions, account and transaction classification, products and services, fees and more.

Rich sandbox test data

Explore the possibilities and start developing quickly with accredited dummy production data  as soon as you connect.  

Speed, performance and scale

We make it fast, convenient and cost effective to connect to Data Holders. And as new Data Holders come on board, their data is available instantly.

Security is our top priority

Wych Data has to have the highest security practices in place and we use continuous vulnerability and threat detection monitoring. 

Use our Accreditation and experience

Complement your CDR data holder accreditation with our CDR data recipient accreditation and API. We maintain the integration and you maximise the data. Find out more about our accreditation and see our CDR policy.

Enterprise-grade security and encryption


We use bank-grade security and encrypt data at rest and in transit using minimum 2048-bit encryption.

Secure data centre


Wych takes every precaution to maintain the security of your data. Our data centres are ISO27001:2013 and SOC2 compliant, and we follow industry best practice and standards such as PCI DSS, SOC2 and ASAE 3150.

Secure development

Wych Data development follows industry best practice for minimising security risks, including OWASP guidelines.

Take advantage of our security processes

Partnering with us means you get the full benefit of our security processes. We protect the data and connections for you.

Take the pain out of Open Banking compliance!

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